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Imperius Quirinum "Valor"

Imperius was imported from Germany by us in 2013. Both parents are multi. Champions and have a more refined type than the typical Deutsche Doggen type seen in Germany. We have high expectations for this boy to add so much to our program. A HUGE thanks to Helena at Quirinum for allowing us to import this awesome boy.

We had Valor's heart ECHO'd and results posted through OFA because of some speculation that he had DCM and was passing this on to his puppies. We are very pleased to say that he passed his ECHO with flying colors at almost 5 years of age. Valor is retired now and living the good life as a graduate student at Notre Dame (well his new Mom is anyway, lol). Click HERE to see his OFA results.

Sire: Ch. Maddox v. Römersee

Dam: Ch. Edana Quirinum


Da Vinci des Terres de la Rairie


Ch. Hanka v. Römersee


Nankin v.Junkerhaus

Granddam: Vanilla von Blue Ground

Imperius Quirinum (German Imp.)
Imperius Quirinum (German Imp.)

Ch. Maddox v. Römersee Da Vinci des Terres de la Rairie Ch. Uronic du Temple Sacre d´Heloise Rafal du Domaine de Lánge Noir Orak de la Foret de Kaysersberg
Nymphea du Domaine de lánge noir
Shine D’Ochretolievaltt Paddington dórchretolievaltt
Pacifiqua Dórchretolivealtt
Ch. Monde Ulmina des Terres de la Rairie Ch. Socrate des Terres de la Rairie Ch. Milton del Eden Blue
Orchidee du val de lámitie
Ch. Odinette B Della Baia Azzurra Ch. Milton del Eden Blue
Lucia-B della Baia Azzurra
Ch. Hanka v. Römersee Ghazal von Haus Tiefenbach Hannibal von Haus Tiefenbach Efendi v.'t. Buitengebeuren
Blue vom Blumenhof
Peppermint-Paty Dog-Lome Kondor z Nove Cianky
Henny ze Stare Cianky
CH. Wieka vom Römersee CH. Yac von der Schlehhecke Lino von der Schlehhecke
Ch. Raina-Lisa von der Schlehhecke
CH. Naomi vom Römersee CH. Blue Balou v.'t. Buitengebeuren
CH. Gina vom Römersee
Ch. Edana Quirinum Nankin v.Junkerhaus Ch. Uronic du Sacre'd Temple d'Heloise Rafal Du Domaine De Lánge Noir Orak De La Foret De Kaysersberg
Nymphea Du Domaine de L ´ange Noir
Shine D`ochrettolievaltt Paddington d´Ochretolievaltt
Pacifiqua d`ochretlievaltt
Georgina v. Nosphertus Ch. Golf Myszatka Ch. King Igor van Rosherta
Saphir van de Stryelantse
Cleopatra vom Nospheratus Ch. Hasko vom Junkerhaus
Indianfire von Lions Cottage
Vanilla von Blue Ground Multi Ch. Amadeus v. Klostergarten Mutli. Ch. Apoll von Avalon Michelangelo-B Cavallero Rodolfo
Chelsey Semper Fidelis
Djin von der Hallenburg Ken "Wille" vom Panoramaweg
Abora von der Hallenburg
Queen v.Blue Ground Fussel von Blue Ground Vainqueur vom Hause Wagner
Holly von der Fröhlichen Pfalz
Evelina von der Schlehhecke Eddy vom Hünengrab
Lou von der Schlehhecke