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Puppy Scams and Scammers

I have been contacted by many very nice people that have been scammed when trying to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder, and since I've been seeing an uptick in this recently I wanted to write out some red flags that I have seen.  Many of these flags are very obvious, but some are more subtle.  I would like to help you help yourself in this regard.  Don't be sucked into a slick website and a fancy contract.  The proof is easily visible, and I will show you some examples of sites I have dealt with that have been trying to sell some of my puppies from years ago!  Please share this with your family members that are looking for puppies as well, so you can help spread the word.  (This is a work in progress until this sentence has been removed!) - Talena 5/20/20

Consistent Pictures - Red Flag #1

All of my pictures look very similar.  I use the same Nikon camera to take them, and the same editing software.  I also sometimes use my phone, but those are also have the same background and same look to them.  If you come across a website with multiple puppies, but every background is different, this is a HUGE red flag.  Taking puppy pictures is a lengthy process, and takes me hours to get them right and not something I would set up multiple different backgrounds, or yards, or houses to take.  

Examples Below:

This is a stolen picture of one of my puppies in their new home that is even WATERMARKED in the bottom left corner.  This website appears to be shut down now (, but not after the scammed several people to buy Thor who was happily in his new home.

Consistent Size - Date of Birth - Colors

Offers Direct Delivery Only

Odd Payment Methods

Location and Address of the Scammer