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Vulpine's Mister Man "Mister"

Mister is from our foundation bitch Avy, who we decided after a several year break to breed her one last time in the hopes of getting a harl male to continue on with her lines. Mister is the result of combining two of the top American bloodlines together.

Sire: Black Oak's Discoteque VLP

Dam: Vulpine v. Sasdania's Foxy Aviator


Ch. Jerdan's Quiet Fire at G.O.T.


Ch. Davisdanes Dancing Duckling

GrandSire: BISS Ch. Sasdania's The Navigator

GrandDam: Great Bel's Grandeur (DEN)

Avy x Disco Litter
Avy x Disco Litter

Black Oak's Discoteque VLP Ch. Jerdan's Quiet Fire at G.O.T. Gr. Ch. Jerdan's The Accountant Ch. Jerdan's Prince of Vigo BISS Ch. Lost Creek's Joseph Dane Lane
BIS Ch. Jerdan's Princess Ty AOM
Ch. Jerdan's Mad Fantasy Am/Can. Ch. Jerdan Fantasia Huny B Keepoer
Am/Can. Ch. Jerdan's Madisson Avenue
Ch. Jerdan's Samba Pa Ti v G.O.T. Ch. Longo's James Brown Ch. Dana's Tallbrook Town
Ch. MJB's Black with Sugar
Jerdan's Razz Matazz BISS Ch. Sarmac's I've Arrived
V-Omega's Southern Belle
Ch. Davisdane's Dancing Duckling Ch. TwinOaks Chief Of Staff Ch. Michealdane JB The Final Crusade Michaeldane JB Veto
Ch. Michaeldane JB Bold N Beautiful
My-Jon's Pocket Full of Dreams, CD, NAJ Ch. Michldn JB Dgn M T Pockets
Ch. My-Jon's White Dove
Ch. Davisdane's Dare To Be a Duck, RN Ch. Sasdania's Ticonderoga BISS Ch. BMW Architect of Jericho
Ch. Sasdania's Passion
Ch. Davisdane's Definitely a Duckling, RN Ch. Sasdania's Passion Tristan
Davisdane's Definitely a Dazzling CD
Vulpine v. Sasdania's Foxy Aviator BISS Am/Can. Ch. Sasdania's The Navigator Ch. Sasdania's Passion Tristan Ch. Amherst-Davisdane Roadrunner CD BIS BISS Ch. Stiegerhill Trail Blazer
Amherst's Nicoletta
Ch. Sasdania's Passion Can. Ch. Anubus' Domino v Sasdania
Can. Ch. Anubus' Southern Scandall
Unicorn Meadows Mesha Athena of Vine View Giant Step's Bull Market
Giant Stepls Society Page
Natolite's Corner the Market Shogun V. Miestersinger
Diona of Middle Earth
Great Bel's Grandeur (DEN) Great Bel's Baloo VV98 DKCh FinCh SCh NordCh KLBCh Int. Ch. Hoolabadoola DKCH FINCH Kingsize Destination Denmark
Tennessy Imperial Norton Imperial
Elisa v. Grossen Esch
Jattilaisen Chammomille FIN & EST MVA, LTU CH Danemania Challenger Ch. Stonehenge Doc Holiday
Ch. Alaraada Deisy
Jattilaisen Anemone SUCH&NUCH&DKCH&INTCH Kinsize Perfectly Painted
Jattilaisen Joanna