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Vulpine's Fool Me Once "Harvey"

Harvey is a beautiful and correct harlequin boy from our only breeding of BB to Valor. We are excited to see what beautiful blue harlequins and black harlequins he can produce for us. He has sired his first litter and he out did himself! He is passing along his stranger friendly, sweet personality to his babies.

Sire: Imperius Quirinum (GER)

Dam: Vulpine's Don't Hate Me B'Cuz

GrandSire: Ch. Maddox v. Römersee

GrandDam: Ch. Edana Quirinum

GrandSire: Vulpine's McDreamy A'la Bubba

GraddDam: Blacktop's Wolf In Sheep's Clothing VLP

BB x Valor Litter Pedigree
BB x Valor Litter Pedigree

Imperius Quirinum (German Imp.) Ch. Maddox v. Römersee Da Vinci des Terres Ch. Uronic du Temple Sacre d´Heloise Rafal du Domaine de Lánge Noir
Shine D’Ochretolievaltt
Ch. Monde Ulmina des Terres de la Rairie Ch. Socrate des Terres de la Rairie
Ch. Odinette B Della Baia Azzurra
Ch. Hanka v. Römersee Ghazal von Haus Tiefenbach Hannibal von Haus Tiefenbach
Peppermint-Paty Dog-Lome
CH. Wieka vom Römersee CH. Yac von der Schlehhecke
CH. Naomi vom Römersee
Ch. Edana Quirinum Nankin v.Junkerhaus Ch. Uronic du Sacre'd Temple d'Heloise Rafal Du Domaine De Lánge Noir
Shine D`ochrettolievaltt
Georgina v. Nosphertus Ch. Golf Myszatka
Cleopatra vom Nospheratus
Vanilla von Blue Ground Multi Ch. Amadeus v. Klostergarten Mutli. Ch. Apoll von Avalon
Djin von der Hallenburg
Queen v.Blue Ground Fussel von Blue Ground
Evelina von der Schlehhecke
Vulpine's Don't Hate Me B'Cuz Vulpine's McDreamy A'La Bubba BIS BISS Ch. Amherst-Harlwood's Bubba Rondo ROM BISS Ch. Riverwood's Rondo Ruth's Rambo N'Co
Riverwood's Ringtop Nevey
Dan-Mar's Jazmin Potpourri Ch. Chauffeured's Dr. Levi
Dan-Mar's Jazmin V Riverwood
Masterpiece's Watch You Charm Me VLP Ch. Spellbound-Sasdania's WatchTower BISS Ch. Vi-Dayne's Johnny Angel
Sasdania's Eclipse of The Heart
Sasdania's Charmed Masterpiece BISS Ch. Sasdania's The Navigator
Rodania's Miss Camelot
Blacktop's Wolf In Sheep's Clothing VLP Blacktop’s Pitch Black Ch. Hauerdane's R U Talk N To Me Ch. MJB Hauerdane's Mr. Coffee
Hauerdane's Make N Whoopie
Atlas Drivin 'Em Crazy Am/Can/Int. Ch. Laur's Continental Style CGC ROM
Von Bruno Lavender N Lace
Von Bruno’s Jet City Woman Von Bruno's Meet Joe Black Am/Can/Int. Ch. Laur's Continental Style CGC ROM
Von Bruno's Lavender N Lace
Ch. Summit's Bailey V Bruno Can. Ch. Joana's Sundance Kid
Ch. Krisda And Kennedy's Abbey