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Vulpine's The White Tatonka "Finn"

Beautiful boy Finn was a love child between Nikki and Harvey in 2016. We do NOT purposely breed harlequin to harlequin (or merle to harlequin, etc.), and have not since 2011. Finn has no vision or hearing issues. He's extremely sweet and a big gorgeous boy. He's our White Buffalo as we do not expect to EVER have another one!

Sire: Vulpine's Fool Me Once

Dam: TTS Powerless


Imperius Quirinum


Vulpine's Don't Hate Me B'Cuz I'm Beautiful


TTS Moonlight Cold As Ice


TTS We Can Be Heros v. Hymil

Vulpine's Finn
Vulpine's Finn

Vulpine's Fool Me Once Imperius Quirinum (German Imp.) Ch. Maddox v. Römersee Da Vinci des Terres Ch. Uronic du Temple Sacre d´Heloise
Ch. Monde Ulmina des Terres de la Rairie
Ch. Hanka v. Römersee Ghazal von Haus Tiefenbach
CH. Wieka vom Römersee
Ch. Edana Quirinum Nankin v.Junkerhaus Ch. Uronic du Sacre'd Temple d'Heloise
Georgina v. Nosphertus
Vanilla von Blue Ground Multi Ch. Amadeus v. Klostergarten
Queen v.Blue Ground
Vulpine's Don't Hate Me B'Cuz Vulpine's McDreamy A'La Bubba BIS BISS Ch. Amherst-Harlwood's Bubba Rondo ROM BISS Ch. Riverwood's Rondo
Dan-Mar's Jazmin Potpourri
Masterpiece's Watch You Charm Me VLP Ch. Spellbound-Sasdania's WatchTower
Sasdania's Charmed Masterpiece
Blacktop's Wolf In Sheep's Clothing VLP Blacktop’s Pitch Black Ch. Hauerdane's R U Talk N To Me
Atlas Drivin 'Em Crazy
Von Bruno’s Jet City Woman Von Bruno's Meet Joe Black
Ch. Summit's Bailey V Bruno
TTS Powerless TTS Moonlit Cold As Ice (AKC Pointed) TTS Step'n Stone V Royale Ch. BMW Royale's Summer Ecstasy BMW Phantom
BMW Windrose Milan
Tyners That Lov'n Feeling Hymil Linus
Daisy May Queen Of Tyner
Tyners Wana Be A Cowgirl CGC Ch. Harlwood Dark Horse BIS BISS Ch. Amherst-Harlwood Bubba Rondo
Ch. Amherst-Harwood Gabrielle
Doc Talk'n A Blue Streak Ch. Indian Run's Bodacious v Myjon
TTS We Can Be Hero's V Hymil El Dutch De Dios Daneridge's Pretender Riverwood's Fleckenhaus Quill
Daneridge's Meiko
Hymil's Valkyrie of Austin Ch. GMJ's The N'Trprize
Hymil's Mimosa
Hymil's Mimosa Ch. Jetero Axl Rosedane Camco Duffnbain Terminator Jetero
Cambell's Dolly Wood
Hymil's Lexus Ch. BMW Arrivedirci
Hymi's Mercedes Elegante