Vulpine Great Danes

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What do you mean by "Co-Own"

Sometimes we have puppies with wonderful qualities that we would love to be able to retain their genetics for our breeding program, but for whatever reason, we feel that they would be best placed in a pet home situation where they were able to have a lot of individual attention and love, just like all of our pet puppies.  I don't like to exceed a certain number of dogs at our house, because it can become unfair to them if you can't give them the time that they deserve.  We place these puppies on the same contract that we do any of our other puppies, but we have a breeding clause included. 

How do we "Co-Own" a male puppy?

We will only utilize this option on a very select few males.  We will sell you the puppy on a contract that includes the following clauses: 

The puppy will not be neutered.  (Once we have finished using him in our breeding program, we will work with you to find an agreed upon neuter date.)

We will work with you and set an agreed upon number of "Breedings" i.e. number of times the puppy will be used per year.  Generally this number is a maximum of 3 times per year.  We give you a minimum of 5 days notice that the male needs to be made available.  We then have you bring your dog to us for generally a 5 day period.  Then you can come and pick him back up at your convenience.  The only cost to you is the traveling to bring him to us.  So please factor in your location from our location if you are interested in doing this. 

If we need the puppy to be taken for health testing, we will pay for the health testing, but we require you to transport him to and from the location and it will be again, your time and travel.  We will always ensure that you have the time and the location is convenient to your location. 

If we would like collection to be done on the puppy, again, it will be the same as above. 

Once a successful breeding and litter has taken place, we will refund the entire purchase price of the puppy to you after the litter has been sold.  Only one refund will be offered.  Each subsequent breeding will not be refunded.  Thus you are getting a "free" puppy, for allowing us to use him in our breeding program.  If for some reason, the puppy is not used for breeding, then no refunds will be given. 

How do we "Co-Own" a female puppy?

We only utilize this option on a few select females.  This means you are getting our "Pick of the litter" that normally wouldn't be for sale.  We can't keep all of our puppies, as much as I would like to.  :-)  We feel that this gives us a good option to keep the puppy in a wonderful pet home, but allows us to not lose the genetic combination that we worked so hard to produce. 

A female puppy will be asked to have a maximum of one litter for us.  We would ask you to keep the puppy intact until we've had a litter with her.  Then we can agree upon when it is safe to spay her.  

When your girl is old enough (around 2 years of age) we will request that you bring her to us for breeding.  Based on her heat cycle, you should have about 7-10 days notice of when she will need to be coming to visit.  We will let you know when this will be.  She will stay for a few days to be bred.  Then you can pick her up when it is convenient for you.  Then in approximately 9 weeks, she will be ready to deliver.  You will bring her back about a week prior to whelping so that she can get comfortable in our environment.  We will be responsible for whelping the litter, caring for the puppies, and placing them.  We will be responsible for all her vet care while she is in our possession.  We will advise you on how to feed her proper nutrition while she is pregnant.  

Depending upon how your girl does with her litter, we will send her home after the puppies are weaned.  We would love for you to bring her back when all the puppies are picked up on pick up day.  After the puppies are sold, we will refund you her purchase price in full.  If you choose to let us breed more than one litter (up to a maximum of 3 litters total) we will work out an alternate way of reimbursement for the other litter(s). 

If we decide not to breed your puppy for whatever reason, then there will not be any reimbursement.  You would then be able to spay her after we make this decision., pub-5189027490511291, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0