Vulpine Great Danes

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Learn About Us

I felt that I needed and wanted to go into more detail on our website about what we believe in, what we think about, and why we do what we do.  I think it's important to do your research into the breeder you are going to tie yourself to for the life of your new family member.  It's hard to pick a breeder just by looking a pretty pictures of dogs and puppies.  I'd like to let you read about us, and if you like what you see AND hear, then please contact us.  If you disagree with our beliefs/philosophies, etc. continue your search, and you will find a breeder that matches all your criteria.  If you are just following a "how to buy a puppy" checklist, you should make sure that you agree with all the "what to look for in a good and ethical breeder" rather than just take these checklists at face value.  I do think there is a lot of valuable information out there, but I also think some of the picture is left out in these checklists.  I will try to address these checklists, and how we fit in, how we may not and why. 

We are a small family breeding program that is located on 32 acres of beautiful rolling hills in South Central New York.  We do have a kennel for our dogs, and some dogs are our house dogs.  We used to have them all in the house, but it's better for them to have more room and freedom, then locking them in a crate for the majority of the day.  Most bitches and dogs do not get along with the same sex, so you cannot have them out together without risking a potential fight.  Our dogs spend a lot of time outside of the kennel, running and playing with the younger puppies in our open fields, which keeps them in excellent shape and develops our young puppies into strong healthy babies. 

Thanks for stopping by, we are happy to have you visit our website!

Available Puppies

We are a frequently breeding program.  We have a minimum of a couple of litters a year.  In order to develop our bloodlines and create our vision, we must continue to breed and produce puppies.  Some people say quality over quantity, and we do not believe that is the case in our breeding program.  Quality begets quality.  Every litter is supposed to  improve upon their parents.  We almost always keep something from our litters, unless for some reason the combination did not result in an improved dog or something that we were specifically looking for.  If you only breed one litter every three years, I do not believe that you are creating and improving your own bloodlines.  You are just regurgitating someone else's bloodlines (with the exception of kennels that have been breeding for over 20+ years).  We now have 4th generation Vulpine puppies, and I'm very happy to see how they have improved over the years. 

Our Breeding Program

We have decided to breed a couple of different colors.  Some breeders specialize in just one family or category, and a few breeders will breed 2 or more colors.  Very few breeders breed all the colors, as it is hard to have the room and time to do this appropriately.  It also takes a long time to learn each line, and different color lines come with a whole different set of things to learn.  I started out with the harlequin color family and we have expanded some in the last couple of years.  We added our first fawn 3 years ago (in 2010) because we recognized that there was a lot of type and structure that this color has to offer to improve our harlequin lines.  Now that I have become more familiar with fawn lines, I do not want to create a completely convoluted line, with multiple colors and potential issues, but I do feel that there is some value to doing this on a limited basis.

Our Fawn Breeding Program:  We like using the fawn and brindle bloodlines to improve the overall health and structure in our blue and harlequin breeding program.   We do have some blue in our fawn lines, and we will be using the new bloodlines to improve overall health and structure in our blue and harlequin breeding program. 

Our Harlequin Breeding Program:  We are trying to improve the type of harlequins to match the better form and quality that the fawns carry, but put it in a harlequin color.  With that in mind, we will be doing some cross color breeding with fawns into our harlequin lines, but once we achieve our goals we would hope to not do that on a long term basis.  We are looking forward to seeing some fawn and brindle harlequins in addition to our blue harlequins. 

Our Blue Harlequin Breeding Program:  So sue me, I love the look of a blue harlequin!  They are not an approved color in most countries, but they are actually an acceptable show color in Australia and Mexico.  We are planning to breed purposely for blue harlequins and blue mantles, along which come blue merles as well (blue spots instead of black spots).  We do not sell our puppies from this program on full registration, and they are only available to pet homes.  We expect this color to be as beautiful, healthy and correct as our other color lines.  It is not a rare color, and we will never sell them as such.  They may occur in other litters by accident or by purpose, but we feel the quality of our dogs is exceptional, and the type of breedings we are doing are producing a top quality blue harlequin that is as nice or if not nicer than any other color.  

Our Breeding 

We will only breed dogs that we feel meet the standard according to the standard set forth by the AKC and the Great Dane Club of America and the FCI standard.  Any dog that deviates from this standard, will not be used in our breeding program.  

We will only breed dogs with exceptional temperaments that are safe around all children and adults and are sane and have stable temperaments.  Any dog with a questionable temperament will not be used in our breeding program.  Remember, Danes were originally bred for boar hunting and had very aggressive and vicious tendencies.  This can still pop up from time to time in certain lines and certain individuals.  Most breeders have seen this or experienced it at one time or another.  

We will not knowingly breed any dog with a genetic condition that would be detrimental to future generations.  If a certain pairing creates a genetic condition, we will never repeat that breeding, we will try to find the source, and eliminate it from our future breeding program.  

Adding a Vulpine Family Member

Over the years I have learned a few things, and now I have put certain practices into place that I feel protect us, the puppy buyer(s) and the puppies.

1.  Our puppies generally start at $1200 for a pet puppy, and the price increases depending upon color, etc.  We do NOT sell to breeding homes.  We are open to selling to a show home, if the home has the same beliefs as we do.  

2.  We do not allow our puppies to be cropped.  If you feel that you have to crop your puppy, please look elsewhere.  We are happy to refer you to excellent breeders that crop their puppies.  Just because we don't do it, doesn't mean we condemn others for their beliefs.  It's a free country, and one we are proud to have contributed to it's citizens' freedom.

3.  We do not ship our puppies.  We will try to accommodate anyone that wants one of our puppies, and show them how they can fly in and fly their puppy home personally.  I've had one too many puppies get delayed on a ground transport, and numerous problems with airlines and shipping puppies.  It is worth a lost sale to us, in order to ensure our puppies are safe and sound and picked up by their new family and not go through the stressful shipping process.  

4.  We do provide a 1 year health guarantee with a replacement puppy and a contract that requires your Vulpine puppy to be returned to us at your expense if you are unable to keep it for ANY reason.  We will then ensure it finds a suitable home that we have screened and approved.

5.  Please fill out our puppy application and tell us about yourself.  We do not just sell to anyone that has the money to afford a puppy.  We need to make sure that you are ready for the commitment and open to understanding the special needs that come with a Great Dane.  

6.  We now do E-Signed Contracts, which saves a trip to the notary.  They also save a tree! 

7.  As much as I would like for every one that purchase a puppy from us to come out and visit all of our dogs and puppies, and see our farm, etc. I unfortunately will not be able to fulfill many requests to visit all of our dogs.  I know, I know *GASP*: all breeders MUST show you all of their dogs and facilities or they must be hiding something!!  Oh contraire my friends.  Do you know that many dog welfare agencies will pose as a potential puppy buyer just to snoop around and see what is going on on your property?  And with this snooping they can come in and SEIZE your dogs without a proper warrant or justification, just because they want to, or see an opportunity for headlines and/or money making ability based on the quality of your dogs? I've seen this happen time and time again, and this will not happen here.  I don't have anything to hide, thus my many pictures and videos of our place and dogs, etc.  BUT!  I don't like exposing my animals to any potential diseases if at all possible, and like to keep them safe (I'm protective like that.).  So on the rare occasion  you might be lucky enough to hang out with me and a group of the dogs, or get to visit all the puppies.  Most likely though, you will not be able to, especially if I don't know you very well.  If you would like to mark this off your "Breeder Beware" checklist, be my guest.  We aren't going to see eye to eye anyway, if you are not forming your own opinions regarding selecting a breeder and reading off of someone else's article and not considering their bias when they wrote said article.  

Our Take On Showing

I admire the many Great Dane breeders that show and Champion their Danes.  I think their commitment to excellence is great!  I do not think that you HAVE to show, in order to breed or have good dogs or a good breeding program.  Depending upon our circumstances, perhaps we will dip our toes back into the show ring.  Until then, we do not think it is the pinnacle of breeding.  Showing in conformation only judges the conformation standard of the dog.  It does not judge the health, temperament, pedigree, line or people that are taking care of the dog. It can judge the people that are holding the other end of the leash, in lieu of judging the dog on the end of the leash.  Of course there is are politics in the show ring as well!  I think it is quite possible to be able to evaluate conformation without taking your dog into a show ring.  I'm a person that doesn't feel comfortable in large crowds, and out in public.  I'm a bit of a homebody and I like it that way.  If that prevents me from fulfilling show potential in my dogs, then it does. I'm okay with that, and no one else's opinion factors into my decision making. 

On a side note, we did breed a World Champion harlequin male, Vulpine's All American Boy to FIN.  His full sister is in our breeding program., pub-5189027490511291, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0