Vulpine Great Danes

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Available Page Is Current and Updated as of 9/9/17.

Blue Collar Fawn Male - Available- Ready to go 9/15

Blue Fawn Female (Red Collar) - Available - Ready to Go 9/15
She's very sweet and outgoing.  Will go good with a first time Dane Owner or experienced Dane owner(s).

Blue Fawn Female (Red/White Collar) - Small Hernia so price is reduced - Ready to go 9/15
She is very outgoing and on the alpha/dominant side.  Needs a strong experienced owner.  No first time Dane owners.

"Epic" - Red Collar Black Male - Available- Ready to Go 9/17

"Edge" - Blue Collar Black Male - Available - Ready to Go 9/17

"Ebony" - Pink Collar Black Female- Available - Ready to Go 9/17


King is ready to retire! He is looking for a family without small children (under 8ish).  He gets along well with other dogs and has no prey drive.  He is 4 1/2 years old. Click HERE for his web page.  

Luna is ready to retire!  She is a sweetheart and 3 years old.  Loves people, gets along with other dogs and has a mild prey drive but is very obedient.  Check out her page HERE for more info. 

"Bailey" has been retrained/rehabbed and is looking for a loving family home.  2 1/2 years old. Spayed. Gets along well with other dogs but is food aggressive.  Smart and sweet girl with a playful loving attitude. 

Young Adults - Older Puppies

Viva is 14 months old and we've decided she is not quite what we are looking for moving forward in our breeding program.  She's very playful, healthy and has a lot of potential to be an amazing family dog.  Message for more info on Viva as she does not have her own page. 

"Rita" - 9 months old merle female - Available (We hold back some puppies to grow out and we've decided to retain her brother and place her.)

"Indy" - 9 month old blue female - Available

If you do not receive an email reply from me within 48 hours of your application and/or inquiry, please try again.  I am finding some of my replies are not getting where they need upon my follow ups.  I always get back to EVERYONE, so please let me know if you haven't heard from me.  Thank you!! Our email is

Request a list of references via E-mail (We recently removed them from our site.)